URL Shortener Registration Page

This is the registration page for API.

Try it out

This is a simple demo. Shorten this page using the URL Shortener


It is simple to set up an app to be able to handle incoming data. This Bridge will let anyone shorten a url using the Google URL Shortening service

<intent action=""
  disposition="inline" />

The above tag just needs to be placed on your page, with a "href" of the page you want to be opened and now your page will be able to be launched via the Web Intent system when a user invokes the "shorten" intent.

How to Shorten the link

The code for invoking the "shorten" intent is below.

  var link = document.getElementById("linkToShorten");
  var shorten = document.getElementById("shortenButton");
  shoren.addEventListener("click", function() {
    var url = link.value;
    var intent = new Intent("", "text/uri-list", url);
    window.navigator.startActivity(intent, function(data) {});
  }, false);